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Jobs in construction are rewarding and transportable and you can work in many countries around the world or in other states or territories.


Jobs in construction DO offer many career paths. You are able to start in school in year 11 and 12 by undertaking VET in School Construction Pathway program. This allows you to get an overview of the industry and then choosing a trade or a para professional pathway.  You can also start as an apprentice, or study at TAFE or Uni, and then you can choose from diverse jobs from trades such as carpentry, bricklaying, and plumbing, through to estimating, building surveying, sales or project management.

There is plenty of variety available in construction jobs. There are residential, commercial, industrial, retail and civil construction jobs from small domestic works to major billion dollar projects to work on. You can also specialize in new home construction, renovations, fit-outs or supply.

The building and construction industry is the second largest employer of labour and largest employer of apprentices in WA.


Jobs in construction are financially rewarding. Did you know that many of Australia’s young & wealthy got rich by starting in a trade? They then worked hard to build successful businesses.


The number of successful tradies proves that you don’t have to invent a new technology, dominate a major sport or appear in Hollywood blockbusters to make it big financially at a young age. Successful tradespeople have provided good service and made their businesses winners.

Also, there is an aging construction workforce in WA. The average age of bricklayers for example is around 45. So young people will get heaps of opportunity to advance as people retire from the industry in the decades ahead.

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