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Imagine being able to prevent accidents on your worksite before they happen?

By changing your workers’ behaviour you can make them more alert, aware and safer.

Developed specifically by industry experts to combat safety issues impacting the building and construction industry, Master Builders Tapped Into Training uses interactive technology to create a 360 panoramic simulation of real-life sites, giving users the experience of hazards on a worksite.



Each module has been developed specially for the building and construction industry, covering the following areas:

  • Commercial Construction Falls from Heights
  • Residential Construction Falls from Heights
  • Scaffolding Awareness – Top Floor
  • Scaffolding Awareness – Lower Floor
  • Plant and mobile

Module Coming soon:

  • Asbestos Awareness

Why sign up?

  • Interactive and user friendly
  • Complete anytime and anywhere
  • Accessible on any device

Benefits of Tapped into Training

  • Records of training undertaken by your staff
  • Detailed assessment results of the employees
  • Reports indicating safety GAP analysis indicating areas that need retraining
  • Helps assessing Business performance in safety

Gain Access to Additional Modules

  • Civil Works Traffic Management
  • Road Construction
  • Traffic Control – Closed Site
  • Traffic Control – Open Site
  • Traffic Control – Site Set Up
  • Ground Works for Commercial Construction
  • Installation of Underground Power Lines
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Haul Road on Mining Site
  • Mining Maintenance Workshop
  • Mining Processing Area
  • Overhead Electrical Work
  • Road Construction
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Road Works
  • Road Spray Sealing
  • Roadside Vegetation Management
  • Warehouse Delivery Yard
  • Office

Also, Mental Health Training Modules 

  • Illicit Drug Use
  • Change, Stress and Burnout
  • Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Grief and Loss


It’s just going to cost you $10.00 per person per module to access this platform.

If you are looking at booking for more than one module for over 10 people, please contact Master Builders for pricing.


I’M READY TO GET STARTED or call our Training Team on 9476 9800.