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Home in WA Episodes 2019

WATCH Cirque Apartment
(9 Sept 2019)
WATCH Women in the construction Industry (14 Sept 2019)
WATCH Safety (12 Nov 2019)WATCH The Style Studio (6 July 2019)
WATCH Launch Finance (22 June 2019)WATCH Master Builders Awards (Refined Edge) (22 June 2019)
WATCH Keystart Home Loans (15 June 2019)WATCH Master Builders Awards (New Choice Homes) (15 June 2019)

Home in WA Episodes 2018

WATCH National Awards (8 Dec 2018)WATCH Apprentice Awards (15 Nov 2018)
WATCH 120 Years (15 Nov 2018)WATCH National Safety Month (20 Oct 2018)
WATCH Apartment Living (15 Sept 2018)WATCH Master Builders Safety (19 Aug 2018)
WATCH Master Builders Training (22 July 2018)WATCH Choosing A Builder (1 July 2018)
WATCH Master Builders Awards (10 June 2018)

Home in WA Episodes 2017

WATCH Safety (28 Oct 2017)WATCH Training (23 Sept 2017)
WATCH First Home Owners Grant (9 Sept 2017)WATCH Smart Technology (19 Aug 2017)
WATCH Find a Member Part 2 (1 July 2017)WATCH Find a Member (10 June 2017)
WATCH Choose an Award Winner (10 June 2017) WATCH Choosing A Builder Part 2 (8 June 2017)
WATCH Choosing A Builder Part 1 (13 May 2017)WATCH How To Save For A Deposit (1 April 2017)

If you wish to view episodes prior to 2017, please click here.

Produced by Ron “Dingo” Reddingius and his experienced team, HOME in WA celebrates 19 years of success on-air across Western Australia. It is designed to entertain, inform and empower viewers that live in our fabulous state about all things home.

Telecast on Saturdays on Channel Seven and GWN7, Ron and his team pride themselves on delivering superb quality stories for participants. There is the added on-going value of a YouTube upload of stories to the HOME in WA website and to yours. This information based series has enjoyed outstanding success since it began in 2000.

The show appeals to those who intend to invest, build or renovate property, but importantly, all products, services and companies are available in Perth and WA and are pertinent to the West Australian lifestyle and region.

For more information contact Ron Reddingius at, or visit the Home in WA website. Master Builders members are entitled to preferential rates.

*Stories and footage courtesy of CH7 Perth and HOME in WA!