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Any party to a complaint before the Building Disputes Tribunal (BDT) who has an order made against them is required to comply with it in a similar way as would be required in any court of law.

The BDT can determine both workmanship and certain contractual complaints and can order a person to remedy faulty or unsatisfactory work or order a person to pay.

If a builder won’t return and complete work in accordance with an order to remedy, the client may apply to the Tribunal for the order to remedy to be revoked and replaced with an order to pay. 

An order to pay constitutes a debt due to the person to whom it is ordered and is recoverable in the Magistrates Court. If a builder doesn’t comply with an order to pay, the client will need to apply to the Tribunal for a certified copy of the order.  This can be lodged with the Magistrate’s Court for enforcement.

Acknowledgement: Building Dispute Tribunal

2 responses to “Building Disputes Tribunal Orders”

  1. Linda Jarvey says:

    We are having trouble with our building company, they have painted our complete house the wrong colour picked at pre-start. After ongoing emails first saying we will have to pay $7100 to repaint it because they change their colour swatches from the ones they were handing out at prestart and didnt advise us, only to send out a form stating Solver Breeze was now Solver Breeze 2770 not knowing what 2770 was, in good faith we signed it not knowing they completely changed the swatches, in which they finally agreed to yesterday. But they now say they will repaint it but only if we pay $1900 +GST and $500 for change of contract… We are so stressed and we have already paid for this at the beginning of our contract. PLEASE HELP! Linda/Mark Jarvey

    • mbawa says:

      Hi Linda,

      We have received your inquiry in our website and unfortunately we are not in a position to provide advice to non-members on individual cases. You should contact the Building Commission for further assistance via their website or on 1300 489 099.

      Kind regards,
      Master Builders Association of WA