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interested in becoming a builder?

    • Are you seeking to become a registered builder or change your registration?
    • Are you wanting to successfully complete the builder’s application process?
    • Are you overwhelmed by the paperwork and bureaucracy involved in preparing your application?
    • Do you want to complete the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)?



Master Builders has introduced a Next Step Builder course to demystify the process for builders’ registration in Western Australia. The course is conducted regularly to guide you through the process of applying for registration as a builder.

  • Applicants: we can assist individuals or organisations seeking registration as a builder in Western Australia.
  • Duration of the course: 2-hour session.

The course will:

  • Assist you to prepare your application for builders’ registration to comply with the BSB requirements;
  • Provide advice on BSB registration policies and proceedings; and
  • Illustrate suitable templates and guidelines for applicants, including those in remote areas.

For more information please contact Master Builders on 9476 9800.

Building Services BOARD (BSB)

The Building Services Board aims to ensure the highest possible standards in the Western Australian building industry by:

  • Determining the course of training for a builder to be registered;
  • Maintaining a register of registered builders;
  • Issuing certificates of registration;
  • Taking proceedings for offences against the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 and the Home Building Contracts Act 1991;
  • Carrying out the provisions of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011; and
  • Carrying out building information and educational activities.

For more information, visit the Building Commission website.